5 Unique Facts about German Shepherd dog

Dog German shepherd or herder is one of the most popular pet dogs in the world, particularly for dog and pet lovers. 
  herder originated from Germany this is known as a loyal dog, intelligent, and brave. German shepherd weighs between 30-40 kg with a height of 55-60 cm. the weight of the herder is used as the German shepherd 

OkayAt this opportunity maginezart reviewed Facts About Unique Dog Herder (German Shepherd)

5 Unique Facts about German Shepherd dog did you know?

1. herder Dogs really love its owner, but they are not so fond of strangers. German Shepherd dogs are trained and used to be invited to socialize will not be aggressive to strangers. they just do not want foreigners to enter its territory.

2. Herder unfriendly to strangers, German Shepherd dogs will bark loudly when strangers come to the door of the house. Herder not be shy or hesitate to protect the people their loved if there is a danger that threatens them. German Shepherd dogs are also very protective of children.

3. German shepherd Dogs identical with intelligence. This dog was ranked third in the list of the most intelligent dog version of the American Kennel Club. German Shepherd dogs are easy to train, able to understand many simple commands only with five repetitions command.

4. herder Dogs is a tough runner. When running they can immediately accelerate to reach a top speed, stopped abruptly, then turned sharply without losing balance. This ability to be one of the many reasons why they are often used as police dog and military dog.

5. The German shepherd dog is a prolific shedder. If you brush bristles for 15 minutes, then the fur will fly in the air 15 minutes later. Daily brushing is the only way to prevent the buildup of fur in your home.

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