6 Tips to Create Narrow Space Looks Wider And Elegant

Do you have small house interior space? and want to create an atmosphere that is more beautiful and look spacious? 
Many ways are done by people to create their homes look more perfect and beautiful, but without spend a lot of time and money one of them is changing the composition and home furniture. Following we have reviewed Tips Create Narrow Rooms Looks Wider

How to create narrow space into a simple elegant look and wide?

1. Add a mirror

One good idea is Add your mirror in a small room. The bigger mirror that you use, then the reflection of the mirror will make the room look great.

2. Create the floor and the furniture looks lighter 

Choose bright colors and light seem to flooring and furnishings. Examples of colors that can be used in white, light brown, light green, light blue, and others. You can add another bright color in accessories space.

3. Divert attention to the end of the room 

Make a lot of openings in your room. Point your attention to the other end of the room. Use the same floor in the adjacent room will add to the impression of the room.

4. Add the vertical lines

If you really like wall stickers and paint the house maybe you should try this. Vertical stripes on the walls can make the room look higher effect. No need to make the entire vertical striped walls, just give a little vertical line as shown below. The illusion of the room with a high ceiling that could have been created.

5. Use lots of glass material 

Glass material also affects the atmosphere of the room to create a lightweight and transparent. As much as possible create many openings, enlarge the window, make the room look connects with another room.

6. Multifunctional Furniture 

Using minimal furnishings, the best option is to use furniture with multiple functions. Furniture with multiple functions will make your room feel spacious but all fixed objects has its own place.

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