7 Dolls Creepiest And Horror in the world

Dolls commonly used as a collection of objects that are entertaining for the owner. But the dolls can be so sinister as we see in movies like Chucky or Annabelle. Did you know anything creepy doll?
Horror Movie Some stories and often overshadow our fears, and following maginezart have reviewed some creepy doll. via ebay#horrordolls

7 Dolls Creepiest And Horror in the world 

1. Joliet

Joliet doll allegedly currently owned by a woman named Anna who has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. This doll is said to will cursed the owner to have the two children, women and men.

Later the girl will inherit Joliet dolls while boys will die within three days after his birth. The spirits of the boy who died is said to inhabit the doll and crying all night.

2. Robert 

Next dolls creepy and horror is Robert. Robert doll was once owned by a painter Robert Eugene Otto. He admitted to receiving these dolls in 1906 from a family of black slaves and scientists want to jeopardize the Otto family.

Eugene's parents said their children had heard talking to dolls, and neighbors saw the doll out of the room through the window when nobody is at home.

The family that moved into the family home after Eugene died Otto had a daughter, who saw the doll Robert at night who tried to kill him.

3. Annabelle

I think Annabelle is very popular, especially for those of you lovers of Horror Film. Before the movie, Annabele is a real doll that appears to change position during the day while the owner out of the house. The owner is a nursing student named Donna.
Donna claimed to have found a message written in pencil reads "Help Us" is probably derived from the doll. He also found blood in the body of the doll.

4. Mandy 

Mandy doll is in Quesnel Museum in British Columbia and has been on display since 1991. The doll knows donated by a donor who does not want the doll in her house again.

The museum staff and volunteers to report objects begin to disappear, and the other dolls are placed around Mandy will say "disadvantaged". While electronic items brought to the wine Mandy, the battery will run out quickly. Many of the visitors who saw the doll on the move.

5. Pupa 

According to legend, the Pupa doll received as a gift by a young girl Italy in the 1920s. Dolls were reported to have human hair is still in the possession of the owner until he died in 2005.
The girl told her family that Pupa life, and after his death, family members reported that the increased activity Pupa, such as frosted glass and a written message "Pupa hate" and objects are shifted. Pupa current location is unknown.

6. Amelia 

Amelia ever auctioned on eBay and become one of the most sought after items. The seller also wrote a message that reads "This doll is not recommended for people who have a weak heart or for children who have their own room!"

Apparently, the original owner of this doll originally claimed that Amelia's eyes are blue, but has a creepy glow, green glow though it was kept out of direct light. If there is a change in his eyes, strange things start to happen.

People who bought Amelia reported that she found the doll standing in the hallway, laughing and waving.

7. Bebe 

Bebe is owned by a collector dolls haunted and paranormal investigator, Janice Poole. He claims to be a haunted house after buying these dolls. Poole also said that the doll eyes follow where it goes, giggled, and walked past her feet several times.

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