After Watching "Annabelle" in Cinema, Suddenly Something Strange Happened!

After Watching "Annabelle" in Cinema, Suddenly Something Strange Happened!????

One is satirical event that just happened in Malaysia. naughty behavior is done for make a lot of person are afraid in Malaysian cinema.

Spooky doll made ​​by the Hollywood Film titled "Annabelle", now it is becoming a spectacle mandatory in a number of countries in world. However, the curse doll bridal dress is suddenly "live" in a cinema in Malaysia.

After watching a horror movie, Wee Keow Leong horrified to see a figure sitting next to Annabelle and come watch movies all the time. Experience tub guts test is not only experienced by Keow, but also the entire audience in cinema made ​​really surprised to see the figure of Annabelle looked calm sitting in the stands.

After creating the bustle for a few minutes, then it is known that this is not the doll Annabelle transformed so that men, but a joke that made ​​a woman who decides for wear a costume similar to watching the main character nan terrible.

Seeing the sights that initially tense but ended up making a lot of person laugh, Keow was photographing "Annabelle" and upload it to his Facebook account, complete About a piece of a sentence that tells the silly incident.

As a result, the uploads get 3,000 likes and more than 2,500 shares in a number of social media sites.

Do you dare to do the same in above?

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