Avengers 3 Rumored Release 2 Film Without Some Superhero?

There is a rumor that is surprising and unthinkable. Because rumored that the next few superheroes that are not present in the the sequel to Avengers: Age of Ultron it. Avengers superhero movie 3
Via Ace Showbiz-reviewed site, that gossip or rumors the which first aired the Badass Digest, also said that Marvel will have a new team on the third film The Avengers.

A little hit with rumors that some figures such as Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow may not will present in the third film The Avengers. Reportedly, it is related to some of the players contract period is almost over.

In addition to these rumors, previously also briefly mentioned that in the end of the story Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America will form a team with a new superhero for the action in Avengers 3.

Previous also had mentioned that the film will be divided into two titles. Because later, the story of which will be appointed will have a story that is too large to put into a single part.

Age of Ultron become the next superhero movie that will be running on May 1, 2015 yet known when the Avengers 3 would be present in the movies, but Marvel Studios has ordered showtimes on May 3, 2018 and May 3, 2019 for mysterious titles. After the Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studios next project is Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, and Ms. Marvel.
Avengers 3 Rumored Release 2 Film Without Some Superhero reviewed via aceshowbiz

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