Awesome, apartments and Cafes in Japan version Fairytale

Here are some places that you must visit for lovers of fairy tales who are traveling to Japan. Wow, that place will bring visitors to fantasize as if living in a fairy tale. setuhan feel the magic and let you feel living in the land of fairy tales.

The apartments are located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, prepared make visitors feel living in the town of Halloween. In fact, the environment surrounding this apartment describe magic city is located in the "Harry Potter". Not only is the apartment, a few cafes in Japan also offers a beautiful view of a fairy tale style.

very interesting you can also enjoy a cafe built in Kichioji, Tokyo, which will bring visitors will enjoy a unique stay in the city cat. "Temari no Uchi" deliberately designed as such, full with a house cat very funny.
and in Sumida, Tokyo there are also no cafe hidden away from the crowds. "Spice Cafe" will make visitors comfortable with a variety of plants that adorn this cafe.

and there is also a unique restaurant located near Lake Yamanashi. "Mori no Arum" built like an ancient house in the fairy tale. Complete with chimney and wood carry the one side of the restaurant.

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