Black Pepper Health Benefits

Pepper has a lot of pent efficacy. Pepper most widely known as a spice and most commonly used in cooking. 
pepper are also many properties as traditional medicine / herbal.Pepper is a spice that is essential in a wide variety of culinary use around the world. In the past pepper seed is traded commodity, its price is very expensive and one of the triggers of exploration of Europe to East Asia to dominate trading.

There are two types of pepper are known, that black pepper and white pepper. But what distinguishes them is how to harvest and prepare it before it is marketed. White pepper is pepper which are picked when ripe. Then the skin is peeled by soaking in water for two weeks, after the pepper dried in the sun for three days. While black pepper is a pepper that is picked when the skin is still green, not soaked and dried in the sun soon. benefits  pepper for health

Here are some benefits Pepper for health


A study conducted by British scientists at the University of Nottingham, and another study by the American Association of Cancer Research reported that capsaicin found in peppers are actually able to kill certain cancer cells, especially prostate cancer cells.

stomach pain

Pepper can prevent this disease. Spicy pepper can kill bad bacteria in the stomach and intestines that is the cause of stomach pain.


Chili pepper and generally contains many flavonoids, vitamin C and vitamin A, which is a substance that can also lower high blood pressure.

Anti -oksidan

The compound flavanoids, vitamins A and C were found in pepper is also an antioxidant substance, which is beneficial to mitigate the impact of cell damage caused by free radicals.

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