Bodhi Cute Dog Menswear Fashion a Model With Famous brands

What do you think about dogs?
Funny and always obedient to their masters?
This one really significant stuff dog with other dogs, one dog Bodhi is very Popular New York's popular even in the world? Bodhi its news into one model of "Mens Wear".

This dog is very cool and looks handsome when wearing men's clothing complete with a tie and jacket.

How it all happened? The popularity of fad started Bodhi owners are a couple they are Yena Kim and Dave Fung, They dress up their dogs in clothes and fancy hats then upload their pictures to the internet. To their surprise, Bodhi photo reap very positive response. Yena and Dave are increasingly happy to dress their dogs in clothes fashionable and trendy.

"We do not have any specific plans when starting a blog," says Yena who once worked as a fashion designer Ralph Lauren. "On a Saturday afternoon, we were just bored, so we decided to spend time with our handsome Shiba dress up with menswear." 

"All dog owners have put clothes on their dogs just to waste time," added Dave, who has a decade of experience as a professional graphic designer. "We just know that when we gave him clothes, he shines, he started posing."

Yena and Dave then keep posting pictures of Bodhi. One day, the website of GQ Magazine recognizes the uniqueness of their work. 
Not only a famous fashion model of these dogs also becomes a social media artist who has more than 150 thousand followers on Instagram and people will always grow. 

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