Boy 8 Years Have Teeth weird like shark teeth

Teeth are one of the most important members of the body, without teeth can not chew food. What about your teeth anything weird? This time there is a unique phenomenon that a boy aged 8 years he has strange '' Teeth 2 Front Line '' boy from Wakefield, Yorkshire, dubbed "Jaw" because the condition of his teeth are different from other people.

 is a unique and strange a phenomenon and the disease possibly happened 1 million to 1. Zak Brown suffering from a condition called pediatric shark teeth This condition is caused by a permanent tooth growing just behind the milk teeth. The mother began to suspect there is something wrong with his son.

"Her teeth really looked weird. Till now he has not lost his baby teeth," said the mother, Claire. This incident is classified as very rare.

if, will grow the permanent teeth will help push the baby teeth to be loose. However, in the case of Zak, his permanent teeth did not make a loose baby tooth.

Zak permanent teeth begin to grow last year. Other teeth also grow shortly thereafter. Looks different from his brothers and sisters to make Zak sad.

"Zak was very annoyed with that gear. Indeed, he does not feel sick from it. Zak also did not have a problem with eating., But he complained and hope soon loose teeth," added Claire. According to the 38-year-old mother, her son is always trying to wiggle his teeth to be loose. Unfortunately it never worked.

"Now he is used to his teeth. Zak was called 'Jaws' by his friends because he had two rows of teeth like a shark," added Claire. The good news, last week the baby teeth had loose. The whole family hopes this will be the beginning of normality for Zak.

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