Clash of Clans Characters

Do you know Clash of clans Game?
I think for those of you Android lovers you know the game Clash of Clans or COC.
one of the popular games on Android and even now you can also play via a PC, this time I will share information about the characters Forces Clash of Clans.
sources reference via clashofclans.wikia , supercell, clashofclans dot com

1. The Barbarian 

Who does not know the Barbarian? A formidable warrior and the characteristic yellow-haired, with a yellow mustache Hulk Hogan style. Wearing bracelets with distinctive pointy items Barbarian. Using the sword as the main weapon. His soul was very grumpy and very strong. The Barbarian can get a head band at level 3, and a Viking helmet while at level 5, whereas at 6 increased again with a helmet equipped with a horn and sword sharpener.

2. Archer 

Archer is a unit of the spread. Troops character is depicted as a woman with hair and eyes sharp pink, light green dress, belt with a small bag, a gold ring on his shoulder, and pink feathers on his arrows. Archer does not have a specific target, attacking anything in front and she can shoot from distance a way. This character I love cause strong also.

3. Goblin

The Goblin Thief tough and powerful. Goblin is the fastest character in the target Money. Their first target was the building of resources. Goblin does double damage to the building resources (gold, elixir and storage). Troops provide two-fold damage, however, is quite weak and easily Goblin killed by cannon and also because of Goblin troops prioritizes character building resources.

Goblin is a tough worker and fast. Even as he was able to destroy buildings with a high level, he is often called to work two-fold greater than the Barbarians or tripled Archers are the girls. However, due to the fast moving character it is sometimes dangerous to make the building itself when attacked frontally. Therefore, he needs help from other forces.

4. Giant 

If you usually know Giant is one of the characters in the movie Doraemon however, now you can see one of the large-bodied character. Giants are big bodied troops were able to destroy the opponent. Giant cannon targets such as defense, resulting in a large group of them are very strong to knock out a village. 

He is very strong, especially when together do destruction. In an instant a village assaulted by him. Usually he also served as a shield when carrying out attacks to protect other troops.

5. Wall Breaker

Wall Breaker is the destroyer of the enemy defense walls, with a small skeleton character who wears brown aviator hat and has a small scar on the right eye. Troops brought a big bomb. Wall Breaker attack directly to the nearest wall.
Wall Breake will continue to destroy the walls the opponent, even if you put an opponent away from the wall. If you upgrade to the leve High  l Wall Breaker , then the bomb he was holding would be greater.

If Wall Breaker brings bombs detonated round ready to betneg though he himself suffered any casualties. The power of the bomb could be 40 times more explosive power. At level 3 bombs can be raised, while at level 5 bombs turned into gold. Usually he uses balloons to throw bombs from the air.

6. The Wizard 

Wizard is a favorite character of the players Clash of clans. Character Wizard look wearing a blue gown with a leather belt with a gold buckle and brown boots. Wizard attack is very similar to Archer as it uses long-range attacks and can attack opposing defenses despite an unobstructed wall. His attack by releasing a fireball on hand and lead to considerable damage but is quite weak troops so hard not to be destroyed !!!

but at the next level can be more powerful and with a fireball. Wizard Magic is a favorite of the players COC

7. Balloons 

The balloon is one of warrior attacking through the air after the Dragon. move slowly in the air. Attacking an opponent by dropping bombs from above. Ballona The first target is the opponent's defense like  cannon etc

8. Healer

Healer is a flying unit. He does not have the ability to attack, but it can quickly give a blood donation / restore your opponent to attack troops unless in defense, If all units have full health, then she will not do anything, but if the other troops were injured, she will be flying over and start healing. she is a girl and as a medical nurse.

9. Dragon 

Dragon is your best friend! I think the dragon is also one of the favorite characters COC player? Dragon is a flying unit that is strong and able to terrorize your enemy.

10. P.E.K.K.A

 PEKKA is the Special forces of the Troops. PEKKA has the very strong armor and can be severe and rapid damage to the opponent's defense. However, the
He has a purple crystal spikes growing on his side, and carrying a sword. At level 3 armor color changes from dark blue to Pekka black, giving it a tougher look.

with armor. On the shoulders, arms and head are equipped with spikes of purple crystalline material.

11. Minion

The characters are quite a lot of fans are Minions. Minion is one of the characters very quickly, Experience in gargoyle with big horns, short wings and a huge hand with sharp claws demon that looks like stone.
Troops At level 1 is light blue, 3-level deep blue-purple, the black level 5 and level 6 purple with bright purple wings.

12. Hog Rider

Hog Rider is a dark-skinned man rough up the big pig. He was shirtless, wearing only a loincloth brown leather, red belt and a pair of leather sandals. He has two large gold bracelets and gold earrings. His weapon of choice is a great Warhammer.
His mount is a big pig, about half the height of this rider. Hog Rider held the bridle brown skin surrounding the pig's tusk.
Excellence Troops can jump over walls and destroy your opponent and move quickly.
Troops of the main target is the opponent's defense so it could be an ideal replacement for Giant because he also has a strong physique.

13. Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a fierce warrior girl with red hair, wearing a long leather loincloth with a leather bra and knee-high boots. Troops has large double-bladed ax, which is about 1/2 of the size of his body.
The Valkyrie has a total of 4 levels. At levels 1 and 2 she has silver ax, at level 3 and 4 ax change color to gold

14. Golem 

Golems very strong ground units that, when the Golem dies, then turned into two smaller golems called Golemites which has one-fifth of its strength and continues to do damage. 
As Golem attacks Ballon which gives effect destroyed many areas of the opponent. Golem is the main target opponent's defense forces.

15. Witch 

Witch is a powerful force that can summon the dead soldiers of the battle of the past (the framework). He can be used as reinforcements (similar to the way Healer work) and when used properly, can destroy opponents with ease.


Heroes are immortal forces called through a permanent altar instead of through the barracks. They are the most powerful forces in this game, but each player can only have one of each type. Although they could not die in battle, they can be defeated and have to regenerate until the deadline is over.

Barbarian King 

Barbarian King has a larger body and more powerful Barbarian. Heroes is called after the Altar Barbarian King has been built. Barbarian King is a timeless unit, then it can only be called once. However, if he is injured or falls in battle, he must regenerate health by sleeping for a period of time before it can be used again. Every Barbarian King upgraded the more time it takes to regenerate health. Barbarian King just defending his territory around the altar and will retreat if provoked too far out.

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is essentially a version of the larger and more powerful than Archer. She is automatically invoked after Archer Queen Altar was built at a cost of 40,000 Dark Elixir. Archer Queen is immortal units, so he can only be called once. However, if he is injured or 'falls' in battle, she must regenerate her health by sleeping for a period of time before she can be used again. If you attack a village while the Queen is still regenerating Archer, the altar will appear empty.
The amount of time she slept Archer Queen is directly proportional to the health of the past when she did battle. So, if it does not hurt that she ready to fight immediately; However, if she falls in battle, then she should sleep for some time to regenerate.
Every Archer Queen, Upgrade, the longer time it takes to regenerate health.

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