Ebola Virus, Deadly Virus and Not There cure

Ebola Virus, Deadly Virus and Not There cure

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Ebola virus is a virus that is highly lethal and until now there is no cure. In western Africa, especially countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia is now grappling combat this deadly virus outbreak. This deadly virus attacking people in rural as well as urban. This is raising concerns over the outbreak of potentially fatal widespread many people.

According to the Financial Times, the risk of death of someone Ebola virus is very high, that is 60% to 90%. Until this news was published, as many as 670 people died due to Ebola virus infection in West Africa.

Easily spread of this virus is influenced by several factors such as poor health infrastructure and culture to reluctantly brought Ebola-infected patients to the hospital.

In addition, the funeral becomes another source of the problem is the increasing spread of the virus. Physical contact when bathing the victim, making it easier to infect virus to many people.

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