Fact Terrible 'Annabelle' can make you very afraid

Annabelle- Horror is one of the popular today, Successfully made the audience shiver of apprehension in THE conjuring, demon doll Annabelle ready to repeat the terror in his solo films. Just like its predecessor, the film Annabelle also removed from the real story.
Therefore, to increase the levels of horror film itself, we have prepared some horrible facts about this one demon ghost doll.

1 Annabelle Still 'Life' Until Now

Although the original appearance of the doll Annabelle is not as scary as the movie, this doll terror was real. Therefore, the doll is kept meeting Occult Museum in London from 1970 by paranormal couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Demon possessed doll is really strong so it needs an exorcism performed several times before he actually can be secured in a glass box. To secure it, the priests regularly visit museums and pray for him. Imagine not like what terrible this doll? Do not be fooled by the cute appearance.

2 Where Annabelle Come? 

What is presented here is different from the story that will be raised in the film later. If the film highlight the presence of Annabelle, a young family, then this one is actually a doll first appeared as both student care decided to buy it.

3 More gripping film version 

Not perfect like when a movie does not present a dramatization of the story that is in the real world. Similarly, Annabelle. If the original owner of the doll is a story of two nursing student, then in the film a young family that was terrorized Annabelle.

4 Terror thereof

If only gaffe Annabelle just because he can move himself, of course they are not going to have them excited and scared to death. This one turned out to terrorize the doll owner both physically and psychologically.

Psychological terror being waged by him, among others, by writing messages in the form of graffiti on the wall. Although simple, but it really does make my skin crawl owners. And again, that there are evil forces at Annabell able to able to make the paranormal and pastor who opposes almost died in a fatal accident.


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