Girl aged two killed after drinking methadone stored in her cartoon cup

 Tow Age old girl died after drinking methadone and heroin her mother 
Sophie Jones is a 2 year old girl she killed after drinking methadone stored at the tom and Jerry cartoon cup by her mother. This is unbliveable incident, because her parents are not careful to put fluid dangerous prescription and her parents are very inattentive / 

at midnight on March 4, 2014, an ambulance was called to their home in Blackpool, Lancs, after Sophie will reportedly not breathing.

Jones claimed to police that he had smelt vinegar on a couch near where her daughter was sleeping and tried to say it was from a bottle of his mother and her boyfriend have been brought into the house, prosecutors said Jeremy Grout Smith. 

But police found a Tom and Jerry cups on the written page and incriminating text messages were sent to Jones from King tells of methadone. 

Jones has been charged with the murder of his daughter Read More chronology via Mirror uk 

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