Grumpy Cat!! Garfi Cat-face frown

Are these cats look like Grumpy Cat? very frown face. If we usually see cats with cute face but here you will see a few laughs as Photo of Grumpy Cat is a cat with a frown. 
Grumpy Cat, is still a star on the internet. Scowling face makes have a lot of fans around the world. 

According to rumors, other cats touted popularity  ready to compete with a unique face. This cat named Garfi, ranging cats are sought after by fans around the world. 

Very funny Garfi does have a frown and looked as if unable to smile. Dense fur on his body, making it more visible Persian cat creepy. and frown face make him a unique and different cats with others. 

Garfi currently lives with its owner in Turkey. The owner, Hulya Ozkok via dailymail UK

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