Hotel Treetop Unique Concept Hotel of Bamboo

Have you ever seen before from Bamboo Hotel?
A unique hotel made from bamboo
Inspiration concept of the hotel is inspired by the Native Americans or Indians. Architectural firms from China, Penda, saying that this flexible design can be adapted to different environments and create a comfortable atmosphere in a unique environment.

Penda idea titled "One with the Birds" is a proposal intended to enter the competition AIM: Legend of Tent. Using bamboo connected together with string, forming a configuration that produces triangular framework with different functions, including sleeping rooms, lobby, restaurant, and bathroom.

Created as high as 4 feet off the ground, said Penda, the transient nature of this bamboo structure also means that it can be discarded if no longer needed without leaving an impact on the surrounding environment.

"This structure was inspired by Native Americans, who did not give any harm to the environment, as all joints are connected by a rope so easily constructed and taken. A system is totally flexible," wrote architect Penda.
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