How Free from Ebola virus?

Ebola virus outbreak now is very widely reported in the world, but according to some news reports that the virus Eboa There is no cure? we must be alert and always keep ourselves from Ebola virus attacks and the point is that we always maintain the health and cleanliness.

How Free from Ebola virus?

Here are some steps how to use personal protective equipment properly in order to save your life from contracting Ebola. All steps should be followed with discipline, for each person who will be in contact with Ebola patients, that are:

10 Steps Preparation

1. Handwashing
2. Put a dress shirt, tie behind
3. Put the mask or respirator
4. Place the cover face / eye
5. Place the cover over the head / hair
6. Install the the cover shoe, set with 2 layers
7. Wear an apron
8. Attach the first layer gloves
9. Place the second layer gloves
10. Do a final check, is there a part leather / part of the body that are not covered, which may be contaminated.

2 steps in the patient's room

11. Officers should not touch his own face, must limit direct contact to the patient, change gloves when dirty and frequent hand washing
12. When moving from one patient to another, the change gloves, or at least wash your hands with soap and water sheath with

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