How to Protect your Facebook Account or ID From Hackers?

How to protect your facebook account from hackers 
Facebook account id often the target of hackers. Maybe the hackers are friends or people hate you? We all have to worry and always protect our facebook id and password. There are so many ways to hack your facebook account, hackers are always developing software and always capturing the of loopholes of social media. Well on this opportunity I will share tips for securing or protecting your facebook id.

Tips and trick how to protect facebook account from hackers

It's simple and easy ways for you to do

1.Use the phone verification 

One of the functions of changing phone numbers in facebook account is to protect your password or facebook id. If someone entered your account by using wrong password so facebook will ask to resend a password via email or phone. 
It is very difficult to break into your account, you must always keep your cell phone and do not lend to anyone you do not know people. Read Also : 3 Easy Steps to Protect New iPhone From Hackers

2. Use a strong passwords

If now you use weak passwords and very easy to be know now you have to replace it !. Use a strong password combination do not use simple passwords, such as the name, registration number, your birth date.

3.Do not give your email to people you do not know.

Do not give email to people you do not know because maybe he is a hacker or malicious people and wants to break into your account.

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