Iceland Close Internet Site Related ISIS

The closure of the site was carried out after the authority that regulates internet domain in Iceland, ISNIC, .is domains suspect used the site.

"Freeze ISNIC domain used as an Internet site to international terrorist organizations," said Icelandic internet regulatory authority.

The internet site is closed it is, which managed ISNIC ISIS. Government to track this site to a web hosting service provider company in Iceland and are sure that the site has been online since mid-September.

A number of other sites with the name already existed beforehand caliphate in Iceland with other domain names such as ".com" or ".org" and without a clear link with ISIS.

Chairman Jens Petur ISNIC Jensen radio RUV Iceland says this is the first time the country shut down an internet domain and the domain ".is" allegedly linked to ISIS.

In the future, said Petur Jensen, all the Arabic-language Internet sites using the land domain to be watched closely. Some media Iceland preach closing the site somewhat controversial because Iceland is a country that respects freedom of expression.

However, the Icelandic government says all internet sites in the country should "be within the limits of the laws of Iceland".

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