Interview Robert Downey Jr. About Iron Man 4 will be released in 2015?

Is Iron Man 4 will be released in 2015?
I think everyone knows the figure of Superhero Here he is so cool he is Iron Man. Super hero with the power of the iron gets better appreciation by the people of the world and be the best film. What do you think about the iron man 2? Wow, really cool.
Especially some people nervous fans of Marvel comics, superhero movie project finally Iron Man 4 got confirmation directly from the main actor, Robert Downey Jr. what would he say?

Reviewed via Ace Showbiz site, the actor recently interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres to promote the film The Judge in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The presenter finally asked about the movie Iron Man 4 will be created or not?

Carefully Robert responded, "I know, there will be a lot of Marvel movies and they have great ideas about how to do best. Now I'm in the stage of negotiation."

Then, Ellen interrupted Robert to ensure the presence of the film Iron Man back in the future 4 directly rewarded by the Robert with, "Well, yes."

In the last week, Robert Downey Jr. had said that he would be keen to return to play in the movie Iron Man if the Mel Gibson directed it. Recently, he also claimed interest if X Factor judge, Howard Stern is involved as a director.

In fact, in an interview Reddit AMA, he states likely to be performed in a series Agents of SHIELD Marvel claim that has to do with The Avengers.

He admitted, "Nothing is impossible., But there may be quite a lot of bureaucratic hurdles involved in such a thing. I love Clark Gregg, and I'm glad the show went well."

However, recently the actor expressed about Iron Man 4 on the show Late Show with David Letterman. To presenter David Letterman, he said, "Just between us, no., But I will do other things with Marvel. I would still be involved with Marvel, and there will be a lot of fun things going on."

The Judge scheduled to be present in the United States theaters on October 10, 2014 Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. will return as Iron Man in the Avengers: Age of Ultron with other major stars. The superhero movie will be aired on May 1, 2015.

Video Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man 4

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