Is it true facts about the iPhone 6 Plus Curved?

A few days ago appeared a lot of videos on which says that the iPhone 6 Plus easily bent when stored too long in the pants pocket pages. and some body endurance test videos iPhone 6 Plus, Is it true that the iPhone 6 Plus can bend?

Since the case was popularly known as 'Bendgate' a heated debate on social media. and to prove the facts, a talk show on Bloomberg TV also invite resource persons or experts to uncover the truth. whether the iPhone 6 Plus Easily bent?

One of the experts who were given the opportunity to explain is Hilsenteger Lewis, owner Unbox Therapy, YouTube channel, characterized as the first video uploader trials arching body iPhone 6 Plus.

when speaking live via webcam with Bloomberg Tv, Hilsenteger said, "The fact is I'm not just trying curvy plus one unit of the iPhone 6, but some.'s in order for the video published show convincing results."
He further explained that from some of the units that he tried to bend it, there is an identical traits. "I have tried arching 3 units, all curved in the same location, which is just below the volume keys," said Hilsenteger.

Glene Derene is a scientist from Consumer Reports turns out he also has the same suspicion with Hilsenteger. He also stated that the iPhone 6 Plus units are tested by the institute also curved in the same spot, which is just below the volume buttons.

Consumer Reports is the institute complaints from consumers in the United States (USA). and they also had to do some endurance test body iPhone 6 Plus along with a number of other phones. Although managed arching Plus iPhone 6, but Consumer Reports tests show that the iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone is not the weakest, bodynya strength even mentioned still more sturdy than the Motorola Moto X. via Bloomberg TV

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