Is The Pacific Rim 2 Will Release Early 2016?

Los Angeles Who does not know one of the film's very pouler it is the Pacific Rim. After the success of the premiere film Pacific Rim Guillermo del Toro nini figure is very well known as a successful producer-director. Later rumors she is planning to release the Pacific Rim 2 and said that the sequel will start filming in 2015.

Through a review site, that these rumors came through an interview with Collider pages, after he discussed the animated film The Book of Life diproduserinya. 

"We have to get the first draft of the movie now, and we will spend another 4-5 months for the scenario before we start pre-production. We started pre-production next year in August to September and began filming in November and December of next year," del Toro said about the Pacific Rim 2 to that page.

Del Toro also said that there will be an animated series that connects the first and second movie Pacific Rim, and may at the same time the third film? Long-term planning, of course, makes del Toro should be responsible for the DC Cinematic Universe which is also produced by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.

Rumored del Toro also has a plan to not show the first few characters in the Pacific Rim 2 and make them into action again in the next movie. He claimed that the project is a bit of a gamble and ambitious.

"Let's hope we have three movies. So some characters appear at the end of the second film, hoping that they would blend in the third title," said del Toro is sure. 

The process of shooting the film directed by Guillermo del Toro which runs at the end of next year, making the delivery of the Pacific Rim 2 forced scheduled longer, on 7 April 2017. reviewed via

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