Mickey Halloween Party at Disneyland Park Reviews In 2014 Special traditional skeleton

Hello everybody how about your Halloween days? Is it fun?
Lots of events in Halloween day this year, especially in Disney Land, now from September 12-October 31, 2014 There's a lot of fun and exciting events that you can spent with family or friends. Heavily modified background and horror decorations in Halloween and cool day this year is Big Jack Skellington of Halloween decorations in front of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park.
Disney world Halloween 2014 Will Be Better for your Experince

2014 Mickey’s Halloween Party Image via disneyrewards.com

Special Treats and Surprises, and you can also Enjoy seasonal attractions and special activities during Halloween Time in Disneyland Resort. A series of Halloween Town have prepared all the time Halloween at Disney Land. You will feel the horror world just by visiting the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy in there you will escape from the clutches of Phantasms weird as you go to a haunted dimension of the universe. All parks will look cool and festive when you and your family stroll scary in Main Street, USA, which turned into a Pumpkin Festival with hundreds of hand-carved pumpkins on display-and no two are the same. 
You will also feel a different dimension when in de los Muertos with traditional skeleton display in Frontierland.

Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland Park 

Held on select nights in Disneyland Park, do not miss your chance to enjoy all the entertainment ghost-tacular Halloween Party Mickey has to offer! Very cool and to spend a holiday in Halloween days with family and friends you ... Information from the review disneyland.disney.go.com halloween party disney world

Dates and Ticket Prices Halloween Party at Disney Land  2014 With Mickey’s 

Dates and Ticket Prices Halloween Party at Disney Land  2014 With Mickey’s,   Might give you a bit of information when you want to visit there ...

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