Microsoft Create Powerbank Equivalent Power Electrical Plugs

Charger portable devices, commonly known POWERBANK has become mandatory accessories for most users of the gadget. Almost all smartphones have a battery life of less than a day to make Microsoft also wants to give birth POWERBANK shaped products.

Companies from Redmond, Washington that has recently launched a device called the Portable Power that serves as POWERBANK. At first glance, there is no different between Microsoft Portable Power with other POWERBANK.

However, the company is known as a maker of software that promises faster charging capability so the main feature in the Portable Power. Microsoft claims the quality is the same charger as the power jack-power AC-60 wall.

As reviewed  Ubergizmo site , Microsoft's new accessories is equipped with a battery capacity of 6,000 mAh and can be recharged from vacant positions to 80% within 3 hours and filled up to 100% within 4 hours.

Just like most portable chargers, Microsoft Portable Power will support plug-shaped USB and micro-USB. Lumia devices were also made ​​by Microsoft so the most recommended wearing Portable Power.

Power Bank is scheduled to go on sale later this month. Microsoft membanderol this new device for $ 49.Portable Power is available in a choice of white, green and orange.

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