Top Breeds And Kinds Dogs in The World

Race and type, breeds of pet dogs in the world, Here is the type of character names or pet dogs.
Do you like pet dogs? yeah, I think Kids really like with dogs and they ask their parents to adopt dogs to be a pet or a friend to play. Very happy if you have pets cute and smart? you can play with your pet every day and give it to eat. In this time I will share some of the names and types or races of dogs around the world, I think  maybe you do not know all the type and name of the dog in the world? for you have never seen or heard of the names cute and unique dogs you can see below!

American bulldog


American pitbull terrier

American eskimo

American foxhound


Basset hound


belgian malinois

belgian shepherd

 bichon frise


border collie

 boston terier

chi hua hua

 chinese sharpei

chow chow



labrador retriver


pembroke welsh corgi 

 shih tzu

siberian huskie

toy fox terrier

 toy poodle


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