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Siberian Husky was included in the medium-sized breeds and woolly. The dog races are not malignant, and spoiled even too good to humans. This race briefly looked like wolves, may also be estimated happened as a result of natural crossing.

Siberian Husky dogs are also called Arctic husky. Coming from a very cold Siberia. Formerly, Siberian Husky developed nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia to pull a sleigh, especially in winter. Initially the Russian rover carries Husky to Siberia to help the research along the coast. The name is derived from the nature of the breed husky howl. This breed recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930. This dog always wins in the competition trains pull in Alaska.

Character Siberian Husky 

1. Husky dogs are very Friendly, soft and spoiled, but besides that we also Must be vigilant and suave.

2. No shows nature as a guard dog, a Husky is not overly suspicious of strangers who come suddenly or attacking towards other dogs in front of them.

3. Intelligence and ability to interact regulated and character make him a matching companion and loyal workers. 

4. Medium-sized those of you who love dogs maybe you can try it on the other hand they also have the right bone, balanced proportions, light and free movement, proper coat, nice head and ears, correct tail and character nice. 
Digging holes is excess Siberian Husky. 
The desire for the run tow so need to always control.

Height of this type of dog mediumhair about 53-60 cm. Adult dog's weight reached 23 kg. He is very strong and sturdy, and agile. Dashing figure and is very similar to wolves, but gentle character. Pointed snout and sharp blue eyes. Bright expression. 

Siberian Husky hair grow thicker, to fight the cold temperatures in their natural habitat. There are three layers of the hair. Short hair close to the skin, the hair was, and hair coat (outermost). However living in the tropics, such as Indonesia, the hair coat is no longer worn, knowing swelter. Hair color brown or blue. The left and right can be different. The color combination is very diverse, generally there is always white.

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