The Biggest and Longest Snake in the world is Titanoboa

Do you know what the biggest snake in the world?
Anaconda? The world's largest snake is'n Anaconda but  the Titanoboa.

An amazing phenomenon happened in the world's largest snake predators 14.6 meters long and weighs 1.13 tons creeping through the rain forests 60 million years ago was revived by the Smithsonian Museum.

At the time of the dinosaurs this happened where predators Titanoboa snake is the largest snake in the world and the fact it has a very large size exceeded Anaconda snake. Maybe this time you, me and the peoples assume That Anaconda is the largest in the world Let's look at the following pictures of snake

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Scientists from the Smithsonian Museum to reconstruct the giant snake to find out how life on earth after the dinosaurs vanished era. TV show was created to tell the audience why the snake Titanoboa could grow so intense.

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