The mother chained her son In China

behavior of a child in the future be affected from what he's shown right from small parents. Because it has become imperative for every parent to always love their children.
Do not ever blame when there is a child who eventually fled because parents may educate himself too hard. That is what is experienced by young children in China this. He tried to escape and take refuge to another person because of what his mother.

All began when Li Shao, a boy who ran away from his home and sit at the curb. The police who found him, immediately brought to the police station Shao Zhuhai, Guangdong province, China, as reported by the Daily Mail. During the police, Shao vent about her treatment at home. Even Shao also requested that he be able to stay in Zhuhai police.

Revealed if Shao to tears and hugging the trees so Teng can not take away. What this does it make everyone Teng see it until the police arrived. When asked, 39-year-old woman was admitted had chained Shao reason that he never obey value and always run away from home.

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