The weapons of games can you get real and the original now !!

The game world are getting fun and enjoyable not only serve the graphics and sound effects are qualified, the characters and story ideas are also increasingly attractive.
Talk issue with the game is certainly not free from the genre of action and battle. RPG-type games so the one that attracted the most attention.
Well, this time we will discuss the weapons found in the game. Eits, make no mistake, this item was also there in real life tables. What? Consider the following collection. via plus.kapanlagi

1. Buster Sword - Final Fantasy VII 

This game so one of the most successful since many years ago. Continue to be developed until now, Final Fantasy always exciting show action. 
In Final Fantasy VII are Cloud Strife character who has a giant sword named Buster Swords. This sword really made ​​the original version of the tablets. 

With giant size, it looks like people will be impossible to lift this sword. Dare to try?

2 Hylian Shield - Legend of Zelda 

one of the legendary weapons Legend of Zelda version you can also use. Legend of Zelda also has a lot of fans Packaged with the new version, this game is addictive pleasure for gamers. 
you can see one of the famous weapons of the game is the Hylian Shield is made as similar as possible to those in the game. Look at the shape of the shield, shimmering and looked dashing

3. Orcish battleaxe - Skyrim

This is much awaited Skyrim lovers. Bethesda Game Studio game made it so the game that must be played by gamers. 
In The Elder Scrolls series are ax-shaped arms are pretty spooky. How would happen if this ax is made real.......

4. Nord Bow - Skyrim 

Still of serial Skyrim ya. There is one more cool weapons and made ​​the original version. 
In the same series, The Elder Scrolls, players can use two weapons. If before the ax used to fight at close range, then the arrow is used to attack enemies from afar.

5. Weapons Frostmourne - Warcraft 

Reap tremendous success, Warcraft with millions of people around the world. Played in the online version, the game is very exciting fight strategy played a rollicking. 
One of the most interesting weapon is the sword and shield this Frostmourne.

6 Hidden Blade - Assassin's Creed 

Lastly there is a deadly weapon that was adapted from the game Assassin's Creed ya. Do not get me wrong, though not as cool shape sword or arrow, is a very dangerous weapon and practical.

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