This Billionaire Prove Money Can't Buy Happiness

Money is not everything. If today many people which feel and think that money is everything, all of it wrong. Money is not a guarantee a person feels happy in their lives. Even one of the richest billionaires in the world with abundant wealth he is John Caudwell states money can not buy happiness.

Via Daily Mail - millionaire Caudwell as a successful and have wealth which he had dreamed all his everything including two large houses like palaces, a helicopter, several luxury cars to yachts.

Phones 4U founder entrepreneur is indeed deeply enjoying his fortune when his company a huge success. he lived a very successful and the following few statements from John Caudwell!

"I like the most activity is on the streets of London from my home page with a helicopter then landed back riding and biking around the neighborhood," he explained.

Men's lifestyle with a wealth of $ 2.7 billion is certainly enviable. But you may never know the bitter story which happens behind the billionaire's life.

Recently, the eldest son of 19-year-old Caudwell suffers from agoraphobia or fear of excessive open space. The disease continues to worsen making his son, Rufus can not get out of his house and just locked himself in his bedroom.

Not only that, this week, Caudwell also revealed he had split up with his girlfriend, Claire Johnson. Though the pair has formed a love story for 15 years.

The situation is made ​​Caudwell worried about the condition of both the new baby at the age of 10 years.

"We really have been together for a dozen years, but finally we have to end this relationship, that it is the best decision," said Caudwell.

Besides, he has also been having a rough time when the company had to lay off 6,000 employees. Caudwell also been selling his company in 2006, although then been able to bounce back.

Not finished suffering Caudwell, teenage daughter is now suffering from physical problems and depression. He has been attacked by a sense of panic and anxiety will lose his wealth.

"No money may be sad., But money can not necessarily make you live a happy life,"

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