Tips For Growing Tomatoes Beginners in Detail

Tomato Gardening Tips in detail starting from the stage beginning to end
Planting tomatoes on a small scale at home might not be a great economic benefit, but for those of you lovers of gardening Maybe you can try to grow tomatoes to be able fruitful may provide its own inner satisfaction. For those of you who want to find info on how to grow tomatoes in detail and, in this article we are interested to review it.

Before we begin to plant a good idea to note the following!!

Although the tomato plant the shrubs, but the height can reach 3 meters, so provide enough space for the plants to grow well.
Age of tomato plants is quite short which is approximately four months and will die after harvest.

Tomatoes need sunlight to get in large amounts and environments that have high humidity levels but the surface of the soil is not waterlogged. Lack of sunlight can cause tpmat plant disease, while too much water will cause root rot.

Preparing Planting Tomatoes 

At this stage includes seed selection and preparation of land to be planted. To choose a good selection of seeds tomato seeds intact and not defective must be of very clean, and no wrinkles. Seedlings can be easily purchased at the farm store, but if you can not find it, you can create your own. The trick is to pick the tomatoes that are large and ripe and then take the seeds and pat dry. How drying should not be directly exposed to sunlight. Simply aerated and if the weather is good, the tomato seeds will be ready in 2-3 days.

As for the preparation of land, you can grow tomatoes directly in the ground or grow tomatoes in a 10 kg polybags. If planted directly in the ground make sure to dispose of weeds and loosen the soil first. If planted in polybags, make sure ntuk filled with loose soil up to 3/4 of the bag. It would be great if the media used is a mixture of compost and soil. Make sure that the bottom of the perforated polybags agarar excess water when watering can be disposed of and not cause puddles.

Tomato Seedling stages

Before planting tomatoes in the media that you have specified, recommended that the nursery is done in advance to get the seeds of plants strong and healthy. You can sow seeds in trays measuring 30x15x15 cm. Fill the container with loose soil and then spread the seeds of tomato on top, cover with a little soil on it then flush with water. Put the nursery media on a lot of sunshine, but do not place it directly in the sun. Put in the shade because of too much sunlight will inhibit the growth of tomato seeds.

When the tomato seedlings grow too close together, you can do the thinning. After 6-8 weeks, seedlings of tomato plants ready to be planted in the media that have been provided.

stages Planting Tomatoes 

The next stage in tips on how to grow good tomatoes is planting. Perform this step by taking the seed that has been planted complete with roots and soil and then planted in the media. Try to keep that in order to plant tomato plants do not easily collapse. After planting, tomato flush with water that has been mixed with urea. You do not need too much fertilizer mix. Enough with 1/2 liter of water mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of urea for each crop.

At the time of planting make sure the tomato plant given distance is wide enough so that they grow up. recommended distance is 30x30cm. For planted in polybags you need not worry about the distance. Simply adjust it according to the size of the plant. 

For the first few weeks of planting tomatoes should be avoided from direct sunlight especially during the day.

stages Care tomatoes

There are 3 important part of this stage, that are
1.Watering: preferably done 2x a day or at the time of planting media look dry. Do too many sprinklers because if there is stagnant water will cause disease.

2.Fertilization: just give 1 tablespoon of fertilizer that is planted in the ground at a distance of approximately 10cm from the stem of the plant. Fertilizer application is done every 2 weeks. Note down tomato plants need more P than of N elements, so adjust fertilizer you use.

3. Destruction of weeds: as we know weeds absorb the nutrients that should be reserved our plants. Enough with the weed plants are weeds or the preventive measures by adding mulch to the soil surface.

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