Tips Planting Roses Right and Details

How to grow Roses Right
The rose is one of the beautiful flowers and many people like it, especially when the weddings.

Many people who love roses give us business opportunity it very valuable because roses Economical. Well At this opportunity we will discuss about how to plant roses right.

The process of planting in flower cultivation are of paramount importance among the roses. In the cultivation of roses many things that must be considered in the process of planting. In order roses we planted will grow healthy and beautiful. Here are tips how to plant roses good.

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Technics Planting Roses

Before planting a rose We should Determining of Planting Pattern
Make the planting hole at a distance of 60 cm - 60 cm or 70 cm - 70 cm, the size depending on the type of rose and soil fertility.

Hole Making Plant

To make the necessary hole shovel curved cylindrical hole so obtained. Size 45-45-45 cm hole. The depth of the well is when the plant is placed in the hole, position the main branching section. lying parallel to the ground. The root roses can not penetrate the soil too deep, it does not need to dig too deep, just 45-55 cm.

At the time of making a hole (top soil), the sub-soil, collected separately, it will be used to cover the hole back. When the area was covered in grass you have to be taken in the form of plates and placed in the shade, for use as a fertilizer, to put it in the hole. Sod is placed upside down. Top soil mixed with organic matter ''such as compost, green manure, manure, etc.''  comparison 4 parts soil and 1 part organic matter. Holes were swamped with sub-soil mixed with organic material ''in an amount more than the mixture of top soil'' and super phosphate (can also use bone meal) 20%. Number of 1.5-2 kg of super phosphate per 10 m2 of soil, bone meal 1.5-3 kg per 10 m 2. The hole is filled top soil and organic material to form a mound.

How Planting Roses 

When planting roses is at the beginning of the rainy season if the climate in your country now match the water conditions you can grow all year round its core is constantly wet soil 
How to planting roses.

1. pull rose plant seedlings from the nursery. If you buy seeds, better 
2. Cut the stem portion and branches, leaving 20-25 cm to be herbaceous plant habitus (short). 
3. Cut the roots partly rose with sharp pruning shears and sterile. 
4. Soak the seed in water rose atu solution of plant growth regulator (PGR) as Dekamon 1-2 cc / liter for 15-30 minutes. 
5. Planting seeds of roses in the middle of the planting hole and spread the roots set in all directions. Piled (urug) with the base of the neck to the limit of the ground rod.

6. condense the soil around the plant stem rose slowly so akarakarnya can direct contact with groundwater. 
7. Flush the soil around the plant roots to wet. 
8. Build a fence around your roses before, so as not to be disturbed by animals 
rose plants from the hot sun in the afternoon. 
Planting seeds of roses from different polybag with planting roses chum. Transplanting seedlings from the polybags roses in full together with the soil and roots. References by Teams Mginezart

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