Top 10 Songs of The Beatles

Top 10 Songs of The Beatles 
One of the Best band and legendary The Beatles and produced almost every song by The Beatles became hits and popular, especially among fans of it.
Even today we can still hear their songs and certainly their songs lasting until now with millions of fans around the world. Of the many songs released or produced by The Beatles which do you think the best?
of the many songs The Beatles, the Rolling Stone magazine America chose the best 10 songs of The Beatles version
those that might be used as a reference.
References and sources reviewed via americamagazine

Top 10 Songs of The Beatles 

10 "While My Guitar Gently weeps" 
Sad songs are rhythmic George Harrison's creation was created when he randomly chose the word "gently 
weeps "from a book. And with the help of Eric Clapton song is completed. 

9 "Come Together" 
Originally written by John Lennon as a campaign song for his friend in the governor's race in 1970 The song became The Beatles last song recorded John, Paul, Ringo, and George.

8 "Let It Be"
The song was inspired by the musical style of soul Aretha Franklin. Recorded in the band's heyday. A month after the song was released, Paul announced disbanded.

7 "Hey Jude"
The lyrics of the song "Hey Jude" was written by Paul McCartney that inspired John son with his first wife. But John thinks that the song tells the story of his relationship with Yoko Ono.

6 "Something" 
This song is song of The Beatles most widely sung again after "Yesterday". Written by George Harrison, this song is called by John Lennon as their best song, Paul McCartney and George Harrison called it a most excellent song. 

5. "In My Life" 
Song written jointly by John and Paul. At a later date the two arguing about who wrote it, is about the feeling of John Lennon will be meeting and parting in the course of his life.

4. "Yesterday" 
The song is the most widely recycled in the original history titled "Scrambled Eggs" or scrambled eggs. The song was also 'created' in a dream Paul McCartney. 

3 "Strawberry Fields Forever" 
This song tells the story of John Lennon's little fear of becoming an adult.

2 "I Want To Hold Your Hand" 
"I Want to Hold Your Hand" is first song The Beatles that became hits in the United States. 

1 "A Day in the Life" 
Results Lennon-McCartney collaboration, this song was never considered a masterpiece before the year 
1980s. A song inspired from newspaper and John Lennon's life journey. The song is called 
by their producer as "orchestral orgasm".

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