Unbelievable this Mini Toy Car Power Speed ​​800 Km /Hour?

Unbelievable this Mini Toy Car Power Speed ​​800 Km / Hour
If we usually see or try a toy racing car with a standard speed today what is done by a group of young people is very different. To beat and truly extraordinary record. They do not use sophisticated vehicles, but they use a toy car. How can?

review of dailymai.co.uk that group of school children, managed to achieve a land speed record of 800 kilometers per hour, for each toy car. And managed to beat engineers from Nottinghamshire, who previously recorded a record speed of 460 kilometers per hour in March by Samvir Thandi.

They are Joseph Whitaker School and has given the name of the toy car redshift, Bloodhound, and Insanity. Redshift successfully recorded speed of 769.4 kilometers per hour, the Bloodhound has a speed of 722.4 kilometers per hour, and Insanity have the speed 820.49 miles per hour.
Even in the second session, there is a toy car that managed to reach speeds of up to 895.25 miles per hour. For that, the previous highest ground speed, was defeated by this toy car.

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