Unique Design of a Home Flintstones

As with most Homes, this home is also equipped with rooms, kitchen, lounge, and much more.

Colombia is one of the Flintstones movie characters that have a special attraction for movie lovers. One attraction owned is how he lives his life in the stone age. This is what makes the man from Villa de Leyva, Colombia tried to reflect his love of the Flintstones to build a Home.

This is a real home and you can see in front of you. Home what he builds? Octavio Mendoza built a large home made ​​of clay or clay. Reporting from Odditycentral.com

This home is dominated by light brown color, Mendoza admitted that he was so infatuated with the Flintstones and want to taste the warmth of living in the stone age.

"This is something that is pretty crazy, but the Flintstones that was the inspiration that dreams can come true," said Mendoza.

At the age of 64 years entered, this home he built with his own hand. 14 years of his life he spent to build his dream house. He wants to show that the land can be built to be a big house...

Unique design of a Home Flintstones

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