What are Function of the Animal's Tail?

Lately, I very much to review about animals or pets, yeah they are very unique and there are some unique and interesting things you might not know of them?
What is the function of the animal's tail? Maybe some people ask about it?
or there may be a question about it at school?
Well I will share unique information about the function of the animal's tail!

What Are function Tail For Animals?

1. Keep Balance and The Movement Helps

For some animals, the tail serves as a balance keeper, especially when performing certain activities. For example, cats that use their tail as a balancer while walking in places where "dangerous" like the roof of a home or the edge of a cliff.

Reliable jumper is squirrel. Squirrels also use the tail as a balance when their guard is on the trees. Functions that are still associated with balancing the body is to help the movement and speed jump.

Birds and fish use the tail as controlling the direction of movement and speed, even cheetah / leopard using the tail to help the turn and turn around while running hard chasing prey.

2. Another function of the animal's tail is As a Communication Tool 

Examples of animals using the tail as a communication tool is peacock and a dog. Male peacocks use their tail very pretty as a means to attract peahen to enter into marriage. If the peacock will marry the beautiful peacock tail will bloom as Flower so cool and beautiful!

3. Another function of the animal's tail is as self Defence

Some animals use the tail directly to attack the opponent, such as crocodile, scorpion, and kangaroo. Some are using the tail as a distraction, as do lizard. they use their tails to hang themselves!

4.Maintain body temperature 

Foxes that live in areas with extreme temperature changes using their long tails as a blanket and warm naturally. Ensure that they do not freeze to death while sleeping.

This is another function of the tail, monkey hanging by tail when drinking at river....... The function of the animal's tail!

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