10 Simple Tips to Go Green

1. Reduce paper usage. If you can use a flash drive or hard drive to store the data, you should not have to be printed. If forced to print, use recycled paper and print back and forth.

2. Turn off lights that are not be used during the day and open the windows wide.

3. Avoid excessive use of air conditioning. In addition to power consuming, also freonnya threaten the earth's ozone. In fact the fan to 98% more efficient than other air conditioning. or very good if you are a breath of fresh air

4. Do not throw litter or through the car window, home window, balcony, in the car park, to the rivers, to the highway and so on. Waste should only be disposed of in the right place: the trash bin.

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5. Diet plastic bag. Get used to carry tote bag, backpack or anything else when shopping. Refuse smooth cashier who put our groceries in a plastic bag as he says: "I'm sorry Ms. / Mr, plastic kept it."

6. Repeal laptop charger, HP and other electronic devices. Charger / electronics were consuming standby power consumption.

7. Ride a bike. Reduce the use of motor vehicles, reduce fuel consumption, reduce congestion.

8. Watch the movie "Inconvenient Truth" with family and children.

9. Bring your own tumbler and chopsticks (not the type of wood chopsticks) everywhere to reduce the use of plastic and wooden chopsticks.

10. squeezing drinks box or canned drinks packaging to conserve space and facilitate waste sorting bins.

See? Go Green is not difficult. Let's start from the small things that if done consistently, will be able to change the face of the earth.

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