3 Tips Travelling or vacation to paris you should do

Do you like traveling? Sometimes, when we visit a place for a vacation or traveled course we have to know the culture of the place. Behave nice and polite to people is something we must do. talk about tours, now maginezart will review 3 tips travel or vacation to paris.

How to Dress be Good

To make it look similar to the local population, should not wear sweatpants, baseball caps, flip-flops or sneakers white. Parisians are generally quite stylish, although it does not mean fancy or glamorous.

For women, try wearing skinny jeans, trench coats (Parisians call it le trench) or blazer. Use the scarf too long. If you need to carry a bag, use a Longchamp bag or Chic.

How to Greet People

Try to greet local residents by saying "bonjour" which means hello. This greeting is not only if you are acquainted with people, but also when going to the shops, restaurants and even when entering the elevator.

In the evenings, say "bonsoir" which means goodnight, although the time to say a little fuzzy. For example, in the summer, said "bonsoir" will be a night to say. But usually, someone said "bonsoir" after working.

Local Language Learning

Another important thing is to learn a few key words in French. This will make the Parisians became more respect you. In addition to "bonjour" and "bonsoir", some important keyword is au revoir (goodbye), merci (thank you), s'il vous plait (please) and l'addition (bill) if you're in a restaurant.

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