4 Best Amusement Park in Asia For you Visit on Holiday

Amusement parks into one place that must be visited by you who like adrenaline and want to relax yourself from a variety of work activities. Each country of course has an amusement park that is equipped with a variety of games are thrilling, beautiful decor theme parks and various other advantages. Following reviewed of the 5 best amusement park in Asia.

1. Universal Studio Singapore

For those of you who live in Singapore, of course you know the Universal Studio Singapore?

One of the coolest places, where you can spend with the family on a holiday future. where this one familiar to those who like to vacation with friends and family. Located on Sentosa Island, Singapore Universal Studio presents a wide variety of games taken from the titles of Hollywood movies. Among such as Shrek, Revenge of the Mummy, Madagascar, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and many more. The title of the film is transformed into a fun and thrilling rides.

2.Waterbom Bali

do you like to play water? find your favorite water attractions at Waterbom Bali

3.Hong Kong Disneyland

Certainly not something strange for disney lovers, maybe this your opportunity to go to the world of fairy tales with family when the next holiday moments

4.China Dinosaur Park

This is a wonderful moment for a vacation and relax with the family ....
want to try the thrill of playing with the dinosaurs? Yeah, Dinosaur Park, the Chinese answer. Stepping amusement park located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China's eyes and your heart will be pampered with a variety of children's rides are fun and statues of dinosaurs. In addition, China Dinosaur Park also provides a dinosaur museum, water tours, city tours dinosaurs and many more.

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