5 Unique Facts about Labrador Retriever Dog

Labrador retrievers are very popular both as pets and working dogs. They are very good pet and tend to be quiet dog who rarely barks. As with all dogs, the temperament of each individual may vary from one dog to another dog in the breed. If possible, spend some time with Labrador who would you choose before deciding to adopt it. This short five things you need to know.

1. Need a lot of attention

Labrador dog is very loving and needs a lot of attention. Less attention can cause separation anxiety.

2. Energetic

These dog breeds have a high energy, playful, and active. You need to invite Labrador a walk and exercise to avoid hyperactive temperament.

3. Biting and chewing objects

Because they grew up to take something (retriever), Labrador happy biting or chewing something in their mouth, and this is certainly not good for his health. Good training can help prevent your dog from chewing on objects dirty and dangerous.

4. Appetite

Labrador is a voracious eater and will eat large amounts of food and goods of non-food. Avoid excessive feed and monitor the time he played to make sure he does not eat things that are not supposed to be eaten.

5. Kids

Labrador is a calm and gentle dog and will usually get along with children. Labrador is often regarded as one of the best family dog breeds are the most welcoming and friendly.

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