5. Unique Things in Donald Duck Comics Never you Know?

Unique Things in Donald Duck Comics Never you Know?
Donald Duck character very popular of Disney and knew always being affected by the problem and filled with bad luck early development of Donald Duck
Although a Disney publication called Mickey Mouse Annual in 1931 mentioned a character named Donald Duck, the character first appeared in comics in the newspaper which is based on the short film The Wise Little Hen and published in 1934, for a couple of years later, Donald appeared in some strips Disney, and in 1936, he has developed into one of the most popular characters in the Silly Symphonies comic strip. Ted Osborne was the primary author of the comic strip, along with Al Taliaferro as his artist. Osborne and Taliaferro also introduced several supporting characters Donald, including his nephew. But did you know there are uniquely things of Donald Duck comics?

1. Inception film inspired from Donald Duck comic

If you ever watched the movie Inception. It turns out Inception is one of the best movies ever made. The film, starring Leonardo Di Caprio makes a lot of critics and audiences often ask where did the initial idea of the film. But did you know that actually 8 years ago, Donald Duck comics have found the idea of the movie Inception, even some of the comic scenes in films like Inception

2. Donald Duck Comic Indiana Jones Movie Inspires

Indiana Jones is one of masterpiece films produced by Steven Spielberg, so if you like the Indiana Jones films, thank the Donald Duck comics. Why? because in the movie Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, openly Spielberg and Lucas has taken inspiration from Donald Duck comics in several scenes.

3. Donald Inventor Lifting Method Sinking Ship

What if the comics beat a scientist? In 1964, a cargo ship capsized off the coast of Kuwait, causing a problem, because the ship contains 5,000 sheep were drowned and rot in the water near the area of Kuwait and Kuwait endanger water consumption. So a Danish scientist, Karl Kroyer, designing a technique for lifting the vessel by filling out a sinking ship with a small floating ball that is injected through the tube. The combined buoyancy of the ball makes it appear to the surface ship. It took 27,000 balls to lift the ship.

So what to do with comics Donald? when Kroyer want to patent their ideas in the German patent office, the UK and the Netherlands, in the second patent office he managed to patent it, but when in the Dutch patent office, he refused, they say he stole the idea from Donald. In 1949, 15 years before Kroyer make these methods, Carl Barks (author Donald Duck) wrote a story called "The Sunken Yacht" which shows Donald is trying hard to find an easy way to raise a sunken ship Uncle Scrooge from the seabed.

4. Donald Finding a New Molecule 20 Years Before Sciences Found

Donald Duck and author, Carl Bark, has contributed outstanding to science, so the Cornell university named asteroid with its name, this is after a scientific journal published a comic called "The Mad Chemist". In the comic told Donald that helped his nephew in chemistry assignments collided and created a formula, named "Duckmite". It is just a comic until 20 years later, Disney received a letter from Joseph B. Lambert at the California Institute of Technology, which informs that Donald comics published in the scientific journal "The Spin States of carbenes" a reference in finding a new molecule called Methylene....

5. Uncle Gober Creating Manga

Barks was a most prolific writer in making comics Donald. He is responsible for 4 of 5 entries in this list. But possible the biggest contribution Bark is the effect he created the character Uncle Scrooge on Osamu Tezuka. Tezuka is a mangaka who created the anime Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, and he was also dubbed the "Father of Manga" or "The Godfather of Anime". Essentially creating jobs Tezuka manga after World War II, which in turn inspired the anime.source via kaskus.us

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