7 Halloween Celebrations Around the world

Every October 31, the young people in the world, especially in the Americas and Europe, must have been busy preparing the costume nuanced horror. Yep, that's the day of Halloween, where everyone dressed as ghosts or monsters to scare others. Halloween is celebrated differently in each country. resource via dreamersradio
Halloween Celebrations

Here is a Halloween celebration in some countries

1. Hong Kong Halloween days

Hong Kong is the Asian region countries held the largest Halloween party. Areas that often hold a Halloween party, Lan Kwai Fong serves restaurants and bars nuanced late October when Halloween arrives.

2. New York Halloween party

One of the largest cities in the world with a Halloween party. This is probably the city's most excited to celebrate Halloween. This has often been done by the citizens of New York since 1973, having held a Halloween parade which is the world's largest Halloween celebration with the number of participants up to two million peoples.
Most condensed area with attributes Halloween, Sixth Avenue to celebrate Halloween with costume party, band performances, and circus.

3. Mexico Halloween

As with the other countries that celebrate Halloween on October 31, in the city of Oaxaca Mexico, the sort of Halloween is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November. The second day is a special day to commemorate the family, relatives, and ancestors who have died are celebrated by holding a parade of costumed creepy.

4. Dublin Halloween 

Dublin is full of cultural and historical heritage of Europe does have a lot of mythical stories. Usually the participants join a tour to see the show of Hitchcock at the National Concert Hall or Bram Stoker's Dracula Halloween Horror Festival by using costume cape and vampire-style fangs.

5. Seoul Halloween 

Although not as famous as Seoul Halloween Valentine celebration, but many people celebrate Halloween in Itaewon area with different kinds of spooky costumes. Usually the Halloween party held at bars and clubs. Everyone came with a variety of costumes and all over the place is decorated with attributes with a Halloween theme.

6. Tokyo Halloween

In previous years, the Japanese public was not celebrating Halloween. This is because of Japan itself has spiritual themed festival called Obon celebration. The celebration of Obon is a festival to honor the ancestors according to Buddhist belief is celebrated every July 15. But recently the Japanese people began to celebrate the festival of Halloween. But Sakura Halloween festival in the country is still dominated by adults who dressed not only sinister but also slightly open.

7. Jakarta Halloween

While in Indonesia, the celebration of Halloween mostly only done in big cities and modern as Jakarta, Bandung or Surabaya. Halloween in Jakarta is usually celebrated with a number of festivals and events conducted by the malls or nightclubs. 

Unlike festivals in other countries that use the creepy costumes, Halloween in Jakarta also enlivened by character costume party.

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