8 Tips for Repainting walls home

Want to change the mood of the home? Sometimes we get bored with the atmosphere of our Home, especially colors. Not a few people who renovate their homes with new ones, but all are costly? One easy and simple way is to do a re-paint the walls of home. Steps to repaint not just polish the paint directly on the the wall. There are some steps that the paint stick well and produce the perfect look.
In general, the thing to do when going to repaint the wall is to prepare to be worthy to be painted, then continued with the coating of primer on the walls and painting. Here are the steps repainting the walls

Easy Steps repainting the walls

1.Decide on Paint Color 

Before repainting the wall of course, we have to choose the color we want to paint. Specify paint color for the room. A variety colors may be confusing you make a decision. For help, you can discussion with family or consult with the designer.

2.Protect furnishings 

In order furniture is not exposed to splashes or drops of paint, move furniture to a safe place. If the furniture is too big or does not allow to be moved, cover furniture with plastic or newspaper. If you use a parquet floor, do not forget to cover it because the paint can be pervasive and difficult to clean.

3.Sandpaper or Smooth  old paint on wall

Old paint peel should order a new paint to stick and produce good color. Especially if the old paint was peeling. For maximum results, peeled paint to cement acian layer visible.

4.Check and Fix Wall 

Before you start painting, you should check the condition of the wall. Among other things checked by measuring the wall moisture, humidity should be low-value walls. Another thing to check if there is seepage on the walls, crevices, cracks or nail prints. 

If the condition is not ideal as the example above, fix the wall before you start painting. For moist and permeable walls, can be searched out the cause and repair. If there are cracks or the mark of the nails, should be patched first so that the wall is flat. To repair cracks or fissures can be used wallfiller walls, putty or mortar acian. If the patch feels less glue, you can widen the cracks and fill with fillings earlier. After drying, smooth it with sandpaper.

5.Clean walls 

Clean the wall of dirt or mold so the new paint can stick perfectly. Mushrooms can be cleaned by peeled and given anti-fungal coating.

6.Cover with Base coat 

Priming is commonly used to coat sealer wall. Its function is so that the paint can stick to the walls or old paint that still looks perfect stick. 

7.Cover with First Layer 

Before the first coat with paint, make sure the primer has dried perfectly. For the first layer, the paint is mixed with a diluent with a share of 5% -20%. As a diluent, can use thinners or water. 

8.Cover with a second layer 

Repeat the painting after the first coat of paint to dry. The goal is to obtain the appropriate color and perfect. The second layer of paint thinners also remains mixed with an equal portion (5-20%).

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