Are Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Can Improve Quality of Our Health?

Are Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Can Improve Quality of Our Health?
In some  Bigs countries many people consume supplements and vitamins because they are aware of vitamins and supplements are very important, however did Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Can Improve Quality of Our Health? 

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Not a few rich people who buy or order supplements from the United States or other developed countries. Advertising in the media and advertising by word of mouth to create a paradigm that supplement is one of the primary needs of human beings and tiadak little believers and taking supplements in excess.

One of the fastest growing industry in the world is the supplement industry.
According to the records of the Nutritional Business Journal, this VMS business achieved a turnover of 32 billion US dollars a year in 2012 and is forecast to double or to 60 billion US dollars.

More than 50% of the US population regularly consume supplements, herbal. This is a very attractive business opportunity for entrepreneurs and company anywhere.

Over the negotiations and approach the part of the pharmaceutical business and manufacturers of herbal medicine, and even the Food and Drug Administration USA (US Food and Drug Administration) and then eliminate regulations on educational restrictions on supplements known as "The Dietary Supplement Health and Educational Act "issued in 1994.

residents of the United States and the world will be easier to buy and get the VMs.
Are all of nutrients Good for our body?
If indeed it is so important nutrients are correct and suitable we consume VMS instead of consuming fresh fruit ripe local lean low season and if possible with the furnished free fresh vegetables and organic green?

Are that we stay healthy, we have to take vitamins or Suplemnt every time?

Fact so many are hidden in a pack of vitamins, minerals or supplements, herbs or artificial pharmaceuticals. In it there is also an extra hormone active substances and others that can give a bad effect to our health.

Not only that, the package of vitamins, minerals or supplements that often can't be absorbed by the body. The body uses vitamins and minerals only in moderation. Vitamins and minerals are not excessive or absorbed will be toxic to the body or load.

Consume more nutrients than are needed by the body will not give you extra energy, it will not add to the ability to think and also did not improve the body's protection against disease.

Researchers at the University of Colorado found that 40% of patients experiencing serious bleeding dissected because they consume vitamins or herbal products that prevent blood clotting. 17% of them experiencing the effects of anesthesia (not self-conscious because of drugs) longer than it should.

Let's look at some examples 

vitamin A 

Overdoses of vitamin A can cause brain swelling and liver failure. Although these events are not common, but vitamin A only slightly higher than the exposure limits can already be thinning bones and enables high risk of bone fractures.

Zinc supplements

Not a few vitamin supplements or fortified cold medicines (added) with zinc. Fact even in small doses, zinc supplements can be harmful because it causes a decrease in the content of copper and other minerals that the body needs.

Zinc can also cause hair loss. Well, consider the The contents on the supplements that you consume. Be careful though, especially herbal supplements, they often do not write them all, because in addition to possibly hide well they may don't now.

Supplements of Vitamin E and Selenium 

This is most surprising because these supplements actually makes the incidence of prostate cancer increased sharply. Even now the National Cancer Institute has banned the men taking the supplement. 

Vitamin E supplements actually a sharp increase (up to 2-fold increased risk of prostate cancer in normal men.

Lron and Calcium 

# In May 2009, the National Agency of the United States Food and Drug Administration (United States Food and Drug Administration) lowers the threshold of calcium intake, from the original 2,000 milligrams per day to 400 mg per day, as many do in fact suffer from osteoporosis due to overdose intake kalsium9) . 

# In 1960, the WHO notes that: iron supplementation to the people of Africa who are anemic it resulted in many deaths due to infections, especially malaria. Iron, as well as other heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, manganese (soybean) and so will produce free radicals that will enhance the growth of cells, bacteria and parasites and cancer.

# 17% of infant mortality in the United States between 1988 and 1992 due to an overdose of iron, therefore in 1997 the Food and Drug Administration United States (US FDA) warn parents and health practitioners to limit iron supplementation 

# In May 2012, the results of nutrition research in Europe (Eurepean Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Study, EPIC-Heidelberg) officially published in volume 98 Heart Journal mentioned that calcium supplementation may increase the risk of death from heart attack and also increases the risk stroke.


Chlorophyll supplements are usually made of alfalfa, algae, barley, spirulina (blue-green algae) and wheat leaves. 

In contrast to gain a fresh chlorophyll of green vegetables, liquid extract chlorophyll or chlorophyll or chlorophyll supplements can result in some of the following ...

# Damage Nervous System and Making Hormone Imbalance 

Pesticides or other harmful toxins from the environment can be dissolved into a solution of chlorophyll. Mercury is toxic, especially if munkin no chlorophyll was taken of marine algae such as spirulina. 

# Make Digestive Disorders 

Some people experience diarrhea, which in turn can be dehydrated, but some others were experiencing constipation (constipation). Some of the others become discolored pee, feces (stool) or tongue. There is also experiencing mild stomach upset, abdominal pain to nausea and vomiting. 

The color of urine can change to yellow, green to black. If the feces (stool) and a black or dark colored piss, bearti we started getting health problems.

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