Awesome Lost Underwater City Shicheng China's Atlantis

Have you heard of city deep sea? Atlantis is a legendary island that now leave no trace at all. In fact, there are many people who believe that the island of Atlantis is a myth and a bouquet of Plato, the Greek philosopher who mahsyur to illustrate his theory of the political system.
However, Plato's Atlantis in question is an island that has a very superior civilization. However, since a devastating earthquake, the island of Atlantis sank to the seabed and its civilization is on it.
Even so, there is one place in this world that are often associated with the lost Atlantis. The place is underwater city that is in the waters of China called  Shicheng.

Isn't because of the compelling scientific theory that  Shicheng is the location where Atlantis is lost, but the link between the two is the stunning panoramic  Shicheng. Because the underwater city is dubbed as the "Atlantis of the East". Curious? Here are some photos of the underwater city of  Shicheng maginezart reviewed By BBC

Although there under the water, the city is well maintained. Water submerge the city actually protect it from the wind, rain and sun radiation. The city has not been fully explored. Even so, the tourists can dive in Atlantis.

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