Beautiful Wedding Dress of Toilet Tissue by Olivia Mears

A student of the art of American origin that is Olivia Mears managed to make a beautiful dress designs by using a roll-by-roll of toilet paper were collected in order to form a beautiful wedding dress. Olivia wore a total of 11 rolls of toilet paper in the process of making this dress. Although it looks fragile and easily torn, but the dress with the theme of fantasy mixed with Victorian era was secured with duct tape and had a lot of strong corset part.

The dress was made for a local event called the Annual Cheap Chic Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, sponsored by Charmin, a toilet paper company. “I learned about the contest with only a few weeks to prepare the dress,” said Olivia. So she worked on the project for about 20 hours, and came up with a real winner.
sources of Information via odditycentral Images via Olivia Mears/Avant Geek

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