Career Strategy to Be Top CEO in one Company Famous

Do you want to be successful with the Top CEO in one of the famous companies in the world?
We often heard leap work to be one of the factors that we are less focused and less consistent when working. What about you? Do you also have experienced a leap of work?
The reason they switch places, one of which is to get a better job. At least, one of them is definitely something to be a CEO. Management consultant Sarah Dillard and Vanessa Lipschitz said that they found a lot of men and women who want to have a position to be a leader or CEO. This is done because they remain loyal and committed in a single company.

Woman takes about 23 years while men take about 15 years to reach a position as a leader or CEO. There is a mismatch between women and men. Women should wait about 50 percent longer than men. However, the similarities between men and women can be seen from the long-term loyalty to the company they work for.

"You will work much better if you stay in one company in the long term," Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors. Mary herself had worked in the same place as she did an internship. Total time she spent in the company is 34 years old.

Consistently, Mary Barra continues to assist and work for the company until December last year, she managed to become the first female CEO of a car company in the United States. reviewed via Harvard Business Review

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