Currency Coins Unique and Amazing

Money is legal tender, but did you know there are some unique coin money?
The following are some examples of unique and cool coins ...

1.See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (Somalia)

Somalia also scored a 3 coins pictorial expression chimpanzees were surprised and amazed with gold base material. Coins are deliberately printed in order to provide a moral message about how human greed exploit the forest wealth.

2.Genuine Pearl 

another unique coin of the country Palau picture sea shells are made of genuine sea shells and coins are made of sterling silver.

3.Cloisonne Blue Pansy  

Cloisonne Blue Pansy has a blue cloisonne manufacture takes a very long time.

4. Prism Butterflies 

Coin money is equipped with a thin prism that makes butterflies in the coin of life. The prism serves as a color changer capable of burning in the light. Coins are also made using sterling silver that makes it look so neat and pretty.

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