Effective ways to Lose Weight For Teenagers

Are you a teenager who experienced weight? As a teen body fat is the biggest problem. Besides less confident adolescence is a time that is often faced with the problems of public, every day you meet a lot of people and a fat body is also very disturb you in activities and looking for a friends?

Many people who live the spirit of diet and exercise at the beginning of a weight loss program, but not long slack. Back again to irregular diet and little exercise

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Apparently, not only change their eating habits needed to get the ideal body weight needed some thing else to support you successfully lose weight.

Obesity isn only experienced by adults. today, obesity is also experienced by Teens. For parents who have teens were obese duly alerted to the condition. This is because children under five who are overweight have a risk of heart disease, to a muscle disorder.

Best thing to overcome obesity in teens is to limit calories and increasing physical activity such as sports. Children still need nutrients from food to support its development. so, the teenager aren't recommended to do such an extreme ways a strict diet as a step to reach the ideal body weight. A good thing to do is to limit the intake of calories, sugar, and fat.

Reduce Portion overeating

Reducing food portions is one of the effective ways that you should avoid fat as a teenager, because beside you are healthy you also avoid obesity.

Follow Dancing 

Someone who has an estimated weight of 72 kg can burn as many as 219 calories during an hour of dancing. Dancing can be a great way to meet people and some schools also make dancing a routine activity. This can be a fun way to lose weight and turn down bloated stomach of teens.

Cycling and walking

People with 72 kg body weight also can burn 183 calories in one hour on foot or by cycling burns 292 calories for 1 hour.

Cycling or walking to school or to a friend's house can be more exciting than to take a bus or car. Moreover, as it is a healthier way to lose weight.

Drinking mineral water

The benefits to health, especially a lot of water to lose weight . 

Forming cells and body fluids. The main component of the cell is water, amounting to 70-85%. While in the fat cells, less than 10%. Water plays a major role in the blood (containing 83% water), gastric fluids, hormones, enzymes, muscle, and is also useful in maintaining muscle tone so that the muscles are able to contract.

Regulating body temperature. Water can produce heat, absorb and dissipates heat throughout the body so that the body remains stable. Moreover, it also helps cool the body through evaporation from the lungs and the skin surface by carrying excess heat out of the body.

Solvents other nutrients and aide the process of digestion. Start of helping the production of saliva in the mouth when food, dissolving food and help lubricate the food to enter the esophagus.

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