Hello Kitty Park in China will soon be opened in January 2015

Are you lovers of character Hello Kitty? Be prepared, because on January 1, 2015 'Hello Kitty Park' will be open in China. wow, very cool, and you can also enjoy a moment of the new year in China.
Vacation with family at the moment the new year 2015 in China, might be the best alternative in asia. The amusement park will include more than 10 rides that will offer happiness and joy to its visitors.

According to rumors that the 'Hello Kitty Park' is built with six different arenas. Each arena not only decorated with everything related to Hello Kitty, but also various other Sanrio characters.

The characters include the Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty's Home), My Melody (Melody Village), Keroppi (Happy Harbor), Badtz-Maru (Steam Kingdom) and Monkichi (Spirit Forest). While the arena to-6 is Friendship Plaza, which is planned some Sanrio characters will blend in it. this is the a great time you spend with the family for a vacation in China or Asia, congratulations on holiday and a happy new year.

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