How to Start Growing Carrots With Simple Methods

Carrot is a vegetable category even though it's like a fruit. Carrots are well known throughout the world and rich in vitamins are very good for health, especially the health of the eye.
Carrots are known as a source of vitamins. A because it has carotene levels of provitamin A. In addition, carrots also contain vitamins. B, Vitamin. C, and also contains Vitamins. G, as well as other substances that are beneficial to human health. For people with very sore eyes or cataracts with the recommendation to consume large amounts of carrots. The figure of the plants in the form of grass and store food reserves in the bulb. Having a short stem, roots riding the form and function turns into a round and elongated tubers. Tubers reddish yellow, thin-skinned, and if eaten raw feels crisp and slightly sweet.

Temperature to Growing Carrots

Carrots are subtropical plants that require cool temperatures (22-24Â ° C), moist, and enough sunlight. Now carrots can be planted in an area already altitude of 600 m above sea level. It is advisable to plant carrots on arable land, fertile and rich in humus with pH.

Tips to start planting carrots

SOIL TREATMENT Soil to be planted 30-40 cm processed carrots. Add manure, 1.5 kg / m2 so that the soil is quite fertile. When including the nutrient-poor soil can be added urea 100 kg / ha, 100 kg TSP / ha, and 30 kg KCl / ha. Subsequently made beds 1.5-2 m width and length adapted to land. High embankment in dry soil is 15 cm, while the submerged land, height of beds could be higher. Among the beds need to be made as wide trench about 25 cm to facilitate the planting and maintenance of the plant.

Care Carrots

Once the plants have grown immediate maintenance. The first is the maintenance of watering can be done once a day or twice a day when the air is very dry. Another way that the water supply is to inundate the trench in between beds. This way can be done if there is a drainage channel. Plants that have grown to be immediately selected. The trick unplug weak or dried plants, leave the plants healthy and sturdy. This action was followed by thinning at once useful to give the distance in the groove and keep insufficient sunlight so the plants thrive.

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